Aluminum Ramps & Landings

Excellent for connecting floating docks to decks and landings on shore. Aluminum frame with removable decking makes install and removal easier. 5" or 8" aluminum frame. Heavier 8" frame allows for longer spans. Also suitable for use with wood floating docks.

Each ramp includes:
- One welded aluminum frame with re-enforced end caps
- Two sets galvanized hinges
- Removable deck panels.
- Two slide-in PVC bumper strips (double bumper on 8" frame)
*Extra flotation built into attaching dock
** Extra float added to ramp and extra flotation built into attaching dock

Extras & Options
- PVC decking add $7.50 / square foot.
- Winch-up option: 4' wide add $945.00, 6' wide add $995.00.
- Railing, $20.00 / foot per side