Aluminum Standing Docks


ATTRACTIVE - Extruded aluminum side rails, and flush mount leg assemblies provide a clean appearance without obstructing your view of the lake!


LIGHTWEIGHT - Welded aluminum frames with removable decking panels simplify installation and removal.


EXPANDABLE - With the built in "quick connect" system, sections simply click together, with no bolts required. Optional side connectors and end caps allow for future additions and multiple configurations.


DURABLE - Marine grade aluminum and PVC extrusions, combined with stainless steel fasteners are "Designed to last a lifetime!"


BOAT FRIENDLY - Slide in PVC Bumper system protects your investment and provides a clean finished appearance. Bumper available in beige, grey and white.


ADJUSTABLE - Flushmount leg assembly keeps posts below deck, for a cleaner look.


STABLE - With built-in bracing, and additional bracing for longer legs, docks are strong and stable.